6 items you can’t miss in a children’s club

Children are increasingly connected to ballads and disco parties with lots of pop and neon music. After all, they are super fun and lively, perfect for the kids to spend all their energy. To help you prepare a perfect children’s club for your child, we have made this list with 6 items that cannot be missed for a real party.

Mirrored Globe

Just think of a club or disco that the first thing that comes to mind is the famous mirrored globe. It is the centerpiece of any dance club’s dance floor. What for some may seem superfluous is essential to spread the lights imitating a real disco, so you can’t miss your children’s club.


Who will run your party is the DJ. The professional is responsible for stirring the guests and placing the songs at the right time. It also defines the entire playlist according to the profiles of the party, guests and music of the moment, being perfect to get everyone in the mood. Therefore, a professional and experienced DJ is essential for a fun and unforgettable party.


To feel like a true ballad, colorful and bouncing lights are essential. They will pass throughout the hall, giving energy to the little dancers. Some places even have reflectors and smoke machines, which add even more excitement to the party.


The kids will love playing with colorful neon lights while dancing in the club. Neon helps the environment to become even more psychedelic and create another distraction for children to have fun.


If you want to make everything even more fun and lively, take cartoon toys for children, such as Mickey Mouse hats, Cinderella necklaces, Dexter glasses, all very colorful, giant and flashy. They will love it. Don’t forget to release the toys only after the party has started, giving evens more fuel for the fun.

Is it a birthday party during carnival?

In case of carnival parties, it may not be known for their food, but you can’t make a carnival for a child without providing some treats to replenish your energy. Since a children’s carnival party is basically a lot of kids running, jumping and dancing non-stop, you’ll never be able to slow them down for a more complete meal. For this reason, avoid foods that require the use of plates and cutlery and bet on foods that are easy to catch with your hands, such as snacks, sweets, pastries, sandwiches, candies and chocolates.

Good food

In adult parties this is not a very common item, but we are talking about children and a children’s party cannot be without delicious treats. Whip up snacks and sweets for the little ones.


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