Advertising Your Car For Sale

Do you have a car that you need to sell? Well there are many options to sell your car. You can sell them to a dealer or to an auto trader; you can take them to a car fair or place an ad in a magazine and sell your car. You will make the most money if you were to sell your car on your own by advertising your car because it will cut all the middle men and give you the most money..

First, before you even put up your car for sale do the basic work that can help you increase the value of your car. Get it washed and cleaned inside out. When people see dirty cars they assume you are someone who did not take good care of your car and they expect your car may have more problems.

Get oil and filter service. If there are any dents or small paint jobs, get them done and you will fetch a better price for your car. 

Remember people are going to look at you and the first impression of your car and assume how well the car has been handled while it was in your possession. No one wants to buy a car that was not well cared for because they fear it will have issues.

Now let’s talk about the easiest advertising. It is simply placing a sign on your car which says it is for sale. You can even write the sales price and obviously a number for them to reach out to you.

The next thing you can do is make a post on social media talking about selling your car. Post a photo of your car, the price you are willing to sell it for. You never know if one of your friends might just buy it from you or they have a friend in the market who may buy it from you. Your friends trust you so they have full confidence in buying the car from you.

Finally you can place an ad in the car magazines like auto nation. It is not expensive to place ads in these magazines. They are usually between $20-!00 and can run until your car is sold. 

Next, you can place the ad online. You can place the ad in a classified website like craigslist or a sales platform like EBay. There are also car sales websites like car guru and you can even place your ad there. 

In these ads write everything about your car truthfully. Let people know why you are selling it. Your asking price and if you are flexible. Let me know of any customizations you did to your car. It is also good talk about all the care and maintenance you took. If there were any accidents or if there is an issue let them know in the ad. This way you are not going to waste time in person.

These tips should be enough to help you sell your car.

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