Basic Facts on Subframe and Unibody Auto Repair

Vehicles are built on a structural frame that is meant to hold everything right from the external parts to the internal workings. The frame is based on metal panels that are joined to create the exterior shape of the car.

Unfortunately, when an accident takes place, it also affects this overall car frame making it lose its structural balance. In most of these cases, any certified sop like the Altoona auto repair can come to your rescue with their frame straightening services, which will bring back the original shape of your car, making it look as good as new.

Now this auto frame straightening is again divided into two major procedures, namely the subframe and unibody repair, because of the difference in the make of the cars. Depending upon the car make, the auto body repair shop will know if the car needs a subframe treatment or a unibody repair.

Difference Between Unibody and Car Frame

Though apparently car subframes and unibodies look similar as both aim to bring back the original support and rigidity of the chassis, there are some intrinsic difference between these two frame repair procedures.

Car subframes are usually a structural pattern found in the older vehicles. These structures are built with the help of nuts and bolts mainly applied to the upper part of the car frame which makes it easier for the mechanics to remove it entirely during a repair work.

Unibodies on the other hand are mostly found in the relatively newer cars, like the models released since 2005 and later. This type of car body frame is one single component that works together to make sure that its chassis gets back its original rigidity.

However, both the types of car body frames need a specialized treatment to revive their original structure. For this the set of tools used are different as well as the technique. So, most of the auto body repair shops appoint different groups of mechanics to attend each of these frame issues.

These differences become more prominent when the effect of the collision is too heavy on the frame of the car.

Unibody and Subframe Repair Procedures

Repairing the inner structures of a car involves specific procedures, depending upon the type of frame it is built with.

In a car with unibody structure, that has suffered a major damage from a collision, the repair work tends to be more complicated as multiple points get deformed from the severity of the accident. in such case the mechanics will have to first cut away the body and replace with a new unibody frame.

In case of subframe, the mechanics can replace the damaged parts with new ones. But in both the cases, the mechanics will need to use specialized hydraulic tool to straighten the frame back to its original shape. That is why one needs to find shops like auto repair Altoona who have all the proper autobody collision tools as well as well-trained mechanics who can repair your damaged car as good as new.

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