Car Wash and Your Solutions Now

In order to offer you the best service, a car wash can offer you several washing choices so that you can wash your car as you wish. Among these options, you will find roller washing.  

What is roller washing?

The roller wash is the preferred solution for many motorists. It is indeed a quick and efficient solution that requires no effort from the owner. You just have to leave your car under the automatic car wash, and the rollers do the job. This cleaning method therefore allows a vehicle to shine without having to clean it yourself.   You can depend on the car wash in Irvine also.

Points of attention

The new generation rollers now have soft foam or fabric brushes, which remove dirt without leaving a trace, while preserving the bodywork. The active foam associated with the passage of the brushes thus removes dirt without damaging the paint, wash after wash.  

For the shine and shine of your vehicle, it is also possible to apply a wax which will protect the car from dirt and preserve the paint. Note, however: before washing with rollers, it is important to fold the mirrors and aerial of the vehicle and to ensure that the windows are properly closed.  

High pressure washing, with rollers, by hand: what are the differences? 

Did you know?

In washing centers, our automatic washing gantries are equipped with chassis washing machines. This option removes mud, salt and all grime from the underbody, and protects your vehicle from rust.  

The presence of high pressure washing

The high-pressure washing is carried out using high pressure water jets and is an alternative to the washing rollers in a car wash facility. These powerful jets spray a mixture of water and soap onto the vehicle and allow your car to be thoroughly cleaned. This type of washing is ideal for areas that are particularly dirty and difficult to access, such as sills or rims. 

During a high pressure washing, the gun which projects the water must be kept at a distance of about 20 cm from the body. In addition, the application of additional products can help to remove the most stubborn traces, in particular insects embedded in the bodywork or bird droppings. High-pressure jet washing can also be a pre-washing solution before rolling to the rollers, in order to pre-treat the encrusted dirt.  

Hand wash by a professional: a guarantee of quality

The washing self in hand can also understand the inner washing the exterior wash your vehicle. Thanks to the know-how of professionals and the use of quality products, this type of washing allows to obtain a very qualitative result with neat finishes. 

For interior washing, steam technology makes it possible, for example, to unclog stains while disinfecting the treated surfaces. When washing by hand by professionals, more services can be offered, such as cleaning carpets or caring for leather.  

Interior washing services

To choose your car wash, it is necessary to know if the car wash has equipment to clean the entire interior of your vehicle an operation as important as washing the exterior. To do this, the car wash must have vacuum cleaners to remove dust, earth, crumbs and other dirt scattered around your cabin. A blower can also be a valuable accessory. The latter makes it possible to dislodge the most stubborn dirt. 

The presence of carpet tape in washing stations is also essential. And for a thorough cleaning, some washing centers are also equipped with carpet washers suitable for both fabric and rubber carpets.  

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