Different Types of tractors

A tractor is a vehicle used for agriculture, construction, and industrial purposes. This is specially manufactured to deliver high revolution at a lower speed. They are also used to pull heavy loads for different farming tasks. For good quality tractors, LS Tractor is a considerable option. Tractors have different applications in construction as well as agriculture. So, here are different types of tractors.

Utility tractors

This type of tractor is especially used in agriculture such as pulling heavy implements and plowing.

They are multifunctional. All farmers are not able to afford additional machines to perform tasks so these tractors are good for the farmers. These tractors can easily get attached to other equipment like tillers, harvesters, hay, cutters, threshers, and more. These generally run on diesel or gasoline.

Industrial tractors

As the name says, industrial tractors are used more in the industry as compared to agriculture. These tractors are mainly used for pulling heavy loads and fit the cranes to lift the heavyweights easily. These tractors do not have three-point hitches as farming tractors. These tractors have drawbars and they are available in various models. They are designed differently from the ones that are used in agriculture.

Garden tractors

These tractors come in small sizes as these tractors are used in gardens and grounds mainly for cutting grass and making flower beds in the garden. The wheels of the tractors are like a scooter but much thicker.

Compact tractors

This type of tractor is used for fruit yards, vineyards, and nuts yards. They are designed in the way that a person can sit properly and perform activities like choosing fruits, trimming the trees comfortably, etc. The advantage of these tractors is that they can be adjusted in every space of the yard as they are small in size.

Earthmoving tractors

These tractors are used in construction, dam works, and quarries. These tractors are extremely heavy as they are used to relocate and move the big and heavy things such as mud, rocks, debris, and many more. They come in both tires and tracks.

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