How can I contact you?

You can send us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., post your question on our forums(link), or you can talk to us directly at our discord channel(link).


How can I buy games?

Once the game is released, you will be able to purchase digital copies of Breaking Wheel via our own web platform(link). We are also working on putting Breaking Wheel on Steam and as soon as it is available there, you will be able to purchase it via our Steam Store Front in addition to our own platform.


What is your game Breaking Wheel about?

Breaking Wheel is a sidescrolling 3D platformer set in various fantasy worlds, from fiery volcanos to frosty snow deserts. Making your way past adversaries and deadly traps of all varietes - saws, axes, bombs, lava, boulders and more - you are steering the protagonist Wheel collecting coins and coffee. Breaking Wheel brings over 50 uniquely designed and diverse levels, a wide variety of customizable skins, and a number of out-of-the-box style bonus levels to the table. The game is accessible to newcomers to the genre, but also features a hardcore mode suited for the more veteran players among us.


Whom do I contact for technical support?

Technical questions are best addressed in the dedicated board on our forums: here(link). You can also contact our support team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or talk to us and members of our community directly via our discord channel(link).


I have an idea for a mod/game/design. How do I let you guys know about it?

If you came up wth an idea for a level, game, or design feel free to tell us all about it via the dedicated board on our forums(link). We are looking forward to hearing about it and would like to encourage you and others to openly share your ideas for mods and games, as well as interact with us and our community.


How do I make a mod for Breaking Wheel?

In order to make a mod for Breaking Wheel, you will need to download Unreal Engine, which is freely available here(link). We have made it a priority to structure the inner workings of Breaking Wheel in such a way that it becomes intuitive for modders to make levels and mods for it. If you have never made mods for any game before, or if you are unfamiliar with using Unreal Engine, one of our many tutorials on Modding Breaking Wheel(link) will help you get started.


What languages is Breaking Wheel available in?

Breaking Wheel's original language is English, but it is translated into several commonly spoken languages such as: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic.


Where is Insane Mind Games located? What country are you guys from?

Insane Mind Games has its seat in San Pedro, California. However, the team behind IMG is multinational and operates from around the world. We speak over five different languages, live in different time zones, and different cultures. Yet, we are united by our love and passion for making fun and enjoyable games for you and us.

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