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Sunday, 09 October 2016 03:28

Interlocking Levels! - Ryan #IMG #BreakingWheel #Levels Featured

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"What have you been doing this week?" I don't hear you ask. I guess you could say I have been wheely bussy. Well I have been playing Dark Souls 2 with our Community Manager  and Web dev Justin, since when was the flexile sentry outside the... oh you mean to do with Breaking Wheel, oh OK. Well here is the last level I made:



Great, ain't it? The red thingies are just scale models for the player characters. Wow I am good at my job! Oh here are some collisions and wire-frames:


That is all folks! Oh wait I forgot that is just an "artists interpretation" of what my level would look like if it was not in Breaking wheel, boring and linear. Here is the same level in breaking wheel! 


You are now in a dilapidated mansion which loops down into the cellar facing traps and adversaries to go up to the main tower over into the gardens and looping back round to the main house and the end. The same length of level all packed into something less then half the size. You start by traveling down the main building and you can choose to go into the garden or go down the staris into the basement. In the basement you must traverse pitfalls and swinging axes with multiple solutions and ways to get rewards down there. Then you head into a airshaft system and into a climbing tower and onto a water duct into the exterior and the end. Throughout you must keep a sharp eye and analyse all the possible areas to find the rewards and loot in the level.


It is all a tight fighting yet smoothly interlocking area that can be played in multiple ways. 


We are always trying to come up with new mechanics and level designs here at IMG and this is just a quick look into some of the crazed stuff that we are doing here with Breaking Wheel.

Sorry for the short blog guys but it has been a very hectic week. Hope to have something fleshier for the next time, take care!

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