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Sunday, 09 October 2016 18:04

More skins!! and something else? - Etienne - #IMG #BreakingWheel #AssetCreation #Skins

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So the last two weeks I have been busy making skins, But I have also been busy with something very cool wich I will take about soon ish. 

In the last two weeks not too many skins have been made but a couple have been made and some cool ideas for skins have been added to the list that (hopefully) I will be able to make before the release of BreakingWheel. 

So here are some of the skins.

Stefan came with the idea for a cheese wheel as as skins and well who doesn't like cheese so why not. 

Cheese for everyone!! 

Another skins that as made is the manhole cover skin for a level that is being worked one (the name of the skin will probably change :p).


This skin was a nightmare to make as files got corrupted and export occured everywere, but the skin turned out nice so I won't complain.

Another skins that was a bit of a challenge but a good one was the Gopher2.0 skin.   And that wraps it up for today stay tuned for the next Dev blog and untill then keep yourselfs busy with the demo and the other blog posts. 

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