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Friday, 04 November 2016 20:36

Village in the Glen - Ryan #IMG #BreakingWheel #LevelDesign Featured

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"What great post do you have for me today?" I don't hear you ask. Well my task this week was to make a level my Boss had already designed. The level will play a major rolle in the game and is composed of two areas, a village and a castle. I was given a barebones template and had to use my skills to make something that looks good, well I hope it does! We will be focusing on making the exterior of a small village in this post.  



So the fist thing to do is make the terrain a bit more life-like by forming it into something more than just a flat plane. Luckily for us that is real  easy in Unreal's terrain editor. Using it to create snowdrifts and a small moat gives it a nice bit of realism, although by just making the ground bumpy that is achieved! Alot of aspiring designers forget these little details but it means alot. If you see a bumpy tundra in a game you brain just reads it as the ground. If however it is perfectly flat it will just look wrong and out of place, so always keep an eye out for detail kids. 


Now this is still far too boring to be called a level! The way the ground just randomly cuts off at the edge is just unappealing and weird, so lets throw in some more terrain shall we?


Now our level has some depth and is looking pretty good, if I don't say so myself. It Now doesn't cut off and it gives it a nice "Village in the Valley" sort of feel. But now the ground is too bland again, and you can easily see the texture tiles repeating which is just tacky. So let us spice it up a bit then!


Now we have a vast amount of fauna from grass, to flowers, bushes, trees, shrubs, saps the list goes on! The shrubs help break the monotony up so the texutre patterns are gone and it just makes it look nice and charming. Now all that is missing is detailing and clutter.


So most of the clutter for the village is complete! It has turned out quite nice but there is always room for improvment! As you can see I have started on a drawbridge and detailing the castle, so I will finish that and the Interior of the castle then come back round for one more bit of cluttering. I find that doind something all in one sitting ends ups missing that little something so it is always great to come back with a fresh mind to figure that out. Now I just slap a Skysphere on and we are good to go for the rest of this level and to finish this post!



Thanks for reading my ramblings and I hope you enjoyed. Be sure to check out my collegues post to get an indpeth look at the technical side of stuff and please take care!


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