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Friday, 25 November 2016 12:27

An Interview with Auja - Miss Sparks #IMG #breakingwheel #Interview Featured

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Hello all,

just one month until Christmas now, so I hope you're all getting in to your Christmas spirit. We have a big blog post this week, including alpha play testers, an interview with the lovely Auja and the teams pick for the current steam sale. So first up is the interview!


Miss Sparks: Hey Auja, why did you choose to join IMG?

Auja: I joined IMG because I was working with Darren on music for one of his Fallout 4 mods and when I knew he was going for new adventures I asked him if I could join. Also, as an audio engineer student I thought that it was a good idea to work on SFX and music on a video game and learn to work within a team in a audio context.

Miss Sparks: Ah and what mod was that?

Auja: He never released it actually.

Miss Sparks: Oh that's a shame, so what is it that you do exactly at IMG?

Auka: That's ok ;), I do sound effects and music with my colleague TerrorFox1234 (aka Avalux audio).

Miss Sparks: So just the both of you do all the work on the audio then?

Auja: Yes, it is. But there is also Paul who did the music.

Miss Sparks: Are there any particular sound effects that your proud of or that stands out to you?

Auja: The sounds for the menu, it was interesting and great fun to do it. I recorded it by making noise with paper and cardboard, smashing it, shredding it.

Miss Sparks: I always thought that audio was one of the more interesting things to work on, just the way you have to get the sounds from strange things. If there was anything at all you could add to the game with no limits what would that be?

Auja: That's a really good question! Maybe having evolving music that changes depending on the area and what situation the Wheel is.

Miss Sparks: That sounds like it would spruce up the sound track a lot! What do you do in your spare time away from IMG?

Auja: I usually hang out with my friends, do some sound-field recording in the wonderful nature reserve close to where I live, make music and spend time with my cat lol.

Miss Sparks: Cats are the best :D, do you have a favourite game?

Auja: Yes, it's the Mass Effect trilogy

Miss Sparks: Whys that?

Auja: I like RPGs, science fiction and really enjoyed the scenario. You've got many choices to do and the universe of the game is huge.

Miss Sparks: Many people love that series, are you excited for the new one?

Auja: Yes, I'm really looking forward to it. In the little bit that I could listen to the sound design was good. So, I am really curious!

Miss Sparks: When did you join IMG?

Auja: In the begging of August.

Miss Sparks: Well thank you for your time, however is there anything you want to say or link to?

Auja: You're welcome! Can I give you a link of my Facebook and soundcloud?

Miss Sparks: Sure!


With another season comes another steam sale, So due to this I talked to each member of the team to recommend one game from steam (but not Ryan, he's too much of a romantic to recommend games!)



Miss Sparks:

Ryan: You don't need another game, use that money to surprise someone you love with flowers or something





Last but not least we are starting up applications for play testers in the Alpha. If you are interested in signing up click the link here . And if you backed our indigogo Alpha tier, you will be contacted soon about gaining access to this

With that all said, I hope you have a good weekend and see you next week!

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