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Friday, 02 December 2016 22:06

An Interview with Justin - Miss Sparks #IMG #breakingwheel #Interview

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Hey all, hope you are all enjoying your advent calendar chocolate. Just to let you all know the game will be releasing in early access on the 12th of December 2016. This week's interview is with Justin, also known as Gandr.

Miss Sparks: Hia Justin, some quick questions for you. How did you end up at IMG in the first place?

Justin: I met Darren in the Nexus discord, and we got to talking about business, marketing, and licensing agreements unrelated to breaking wheel or IMG mostly. I don't remember the exact turn of events from there, but ended up building the IMG website for them. I have a background in enterprise joomla development, so the bulk of it only took about a week or two.

Miss Sparks: Not too long to make at all then! What exactly does your normal day working at IMG involve doing then?

Justin: Its very different from day to day. But I usually do a mixture of these things: Check twitter, check Facebook, make social posts, check the submitted forms, monitor discord, check in on indiegogo, do out-reach to raise awareness of the game, chat with other indie developers to see how we can help and learn from each other, do other misc business development, build any needed infrastructure needed to help the project move along smoothly, deal with any issues that arise with 3rd parties, and spend time talking to the team to make sure I am in the loop of the current progress.

Miss Sparks: So a big mix then! Well if you could have anything added into Breaking Wheel with no restrictions what would that be and why?

Justin: Chicken Skins and items. With the early testing we did with players they got super focused on the Chicken, Several would refuse to even finish a level 'till they figured out how to get the little guys. I am not sure why players got so attached to them but giving them the ability to give them hats, eye wear and cloths would be a cute addition. The team is already pushed to the brim with work to get this game out so I would not expect to ever see this in game.

Miss Sparks: You are right that would be cute, there are a lot of "gotta catch them all" type gamers out there.

Do you have any favourite games?

Justin: Starcraft and Starcraft 2 will always have a special place in my heart as I played them very competitively for years. But as of the last few months I have only been playing three games really: Smite, Rainbow 6 siege and Fallout 4.

Miss Sparks: Smite and Siege can be seen as highly competitive games. Do you see your self as a competitive gamer?

Justin: Not any more, I play for fun now. I used to practice Starcraft 2 for four to eight hours a day every day when it came out. I view competitive gamers as people that treat it like a sport and train like it's a sport.

Miss Sparks: If I remember it right, the Olympic committee are trying to make a new event just for Esports. There are sure to be some interesting times ahead for competitive gamers out there. Do you happen to have any advice for people wanting to get into website creation?

Justin: Ya this offers free WordPress and joomla hosting and this has thousands of free plug-ins . Just go to YouTube and follow some base guides and get out there and do it.

Miss Sparks: Nice I'm sure some people out there will appreciate that, Do you have any hobby's outside of games?

Justin: I build guitars.

Miss Sparks: Wow, that's impressive. Do they take a lot of work to make?

Justin: It's a zin thing and I do it very slowly, so I get about 3 or 4 done in a year in my free time. Guitars photo 1, Guitars photo 2, Just finished that one last week

Miss Sparks: Do you make all types?

Justin: Nope just electric guitars.

Miss Sparks: Ah I'm more of an acoustic gal my self but I do own one electric. So before we wrap this up are there any links or shout outs you want to make?

Justin: I would like to give a shout out to the nexus community that helped me find IMG in the first place, and to all the modders that have given me hundreds and hundreds of extra hours of game play for Fallout and The Elder Scrolls for nothing in return.

Miss Sparks: Well thank you Justin for your time!

As a last thing for Today, We have another video from Darren on the main YouTube page. Here it is in case you missed it!

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