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Sunday, 11 December 2016 15:54

A wheely long road - Ryan #IMG #BreakingWheel #EarlyAccesss Featured

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"Is it that time already?" I don't hear you ask! Well the answer is yes, it is that time now. This week we go live with Breaking Wheel's early access, which means you will be receiving a lovingly crafted top quality sidescrolling, 3D, action platformer, puzzle game made by the most predominant names in Bethesda modding with 35 unique and exciting levels, 25 glorious and customizable skins and hundreds of hours of fun for the great price of only 6.99$

Now there will of course be a celebratory post going up letting you all know when the game goes live, but for today let us just take a quick roll down memory lane. On July the 12th one of the biggest modders Darren "DDProductions83" Deaton left the modding scene to start making his own game in Unreal. After some fiddling Darren posted this on the 19th of July:



Now this eyesore is actually the very first build of then"Project ElliBall". When this was created it was just a small minigame that was made to be a joke towards another Bethesda Modder, Elianora. A simple ball that rolled around a level and collected coffee, although it does not look like much it will grow to something good. We only need to step forward a day to the 20th of July.


The coin system was introduced, and an actual kind of player character was implemented in the form of a wheel. I guess you could call the lovely counter in the bottom left the first step towards a UI. The core was still the same, you aimlessly roll around as ElliBall and not much else.


It is nothing fancy but it was a move towards a solid foundation. Now all we need to do is head forward another day to the 21st and wow look, something resembling an actual game is there.

A decent attempt at level design, some traps and a par timer. At the point Insane Mind Games was functioning of a skeleton crew, pretty  much just Darren working on it at the moment 




Now let us take a huge leap forward, to the 12th of August. This would be the point where EllieBall started resembling an actual game thanks to Darren getting some more people working on it. He made the smart choice of recruiting from us Mod Authors and we had our core team, and with it exciting level design, great UI and coding, functioning mechanics, music and sound, 3D models and much more! 


Now let us take a leap into the end of September.

The Greenlight went live and it was now up to the community to decide if they wanted Breaking Wheel... And they did! We had a very succesfull Greenlight campaign and where waved through to our delight. By that time we even had our own working Demo on the site and we had established a proper cohesive work ethic, under the guidance of Darren.

Greenlight Trailer


Now we are about to go live and we are all excited, and exhausted. I hope this wee blog post was fun for you and we look forward to seeing you at the store page. 


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