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If you experience technical issues with the game or its installation make sure to follow this guideline so we and other users can help you.

  • Choose a descriptive, yet concise topic title e.g. "Experiencing graphic glitch upon loading level 3" vs "Something not working omg"
  • Make sure to include your system specs
  • Start out with giving a brief description of your problem so people get an idea of what it is
  • Then, describe your problem providing as much detail as possible so we can narrow it down
  • Do not bump threads if you don't get an answer within seconds, help will come eventually
  • Don't be afraid of being seen as not being tech-savvy. We all started out once and most people are glad to help

If you follow these basic rules, chances are we will be able to address your problem efficiently and you will be back to enjoying Breaking Wheel in no time.

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