How Car Workshop Manuals Can Help You Do Your Own Car Maintenance

From tire rotation to changing oils, car maintenance takes a good amount of money, time and labour. You have to take your car for regular service and maintenance almost every other month, and that’s a good deal to invest in it. If you are tired of doing that and want to undertake your car’s maintenance tasks on your own, then obtaining free car workshop manuals can be of great help to you. These manuals describe all the tasks that need to be done for car maintenance, and also contain instructions for each step.

Maintaining and servicing your car on your own can result in huge saving in your wallet. You will be amazed to know that most of the maintenance tasks that the mechanics do in your car during the servicing are extremely simple to do. You just need your toolkit and your car workshop manual to carry out the maintenance tasks yourself. Here are a few tasks done during a car maintenance schedule. You can easily do them with the help of your manual.

Changing Coolant: Coolant is added to the car’s engine to prevent it from overheating. It needs to be changed after driving for around every 25,000 miles. This is a simple task that you can do on your own using a hose and an air compressor. A screwdriver, socket, hose and wrench may also be required. The manual will give you instructions on how to check the coolant levels in your car, how to change it, and what’s the right time to do this task.

Changing Oil: Your car’s oil also needs to be changed almost every 3000-5000 miles, or every 3 months, whichever comes first. If you change your car’s oil on your own, you just need to pay for the oil, and save on the labor cost. The car workshop manual will tell you where your car’s oil drain plug is, how to remove the plug, catch the oil, and drain out the old oil. Then refer to the manual again to know how to replace the plug and pour in the new oil at the right place.

Replacing Filter: While the old oil is being drained out, you can check your air filter and ensure that it is free from any type of debris. If the filter looks dirty and clogged, then your manual will tell you how to replace it. It is simply done by just unscrewing the filter cap, sliding out the old filter, sliding in the new filter, and replacing the filter cap. Your manual will tell you the exact place of your filter.

Cleaning Headlights: If there is gunk on your headlights, it can make your drive extremely hard and dangerous. Cloudy headlights do not need replacement, as most auto repair shops suggest. There are cheap kits available in the market meant for headlight restoration. Buy one and follow your manual’s instructions to make your headlights crystal clear.

Cleaning Battery Terminals: If your car’s battery dies, your auto repair shop may suggest you to get a new battery. But the first step is to ensure that there are no signs of corrosion on the battery terminals. If there is rust, it may unnecessarily strain your battery charging system and eventually kill it. Follow your manuals’ instructions to clean your battery terminals which can be easily done with water and baking soda.

All these car maintenance tasks can be easily done with the help of free car workshop manuals from the All Car Manuals website. However, some issues still need the expert hands of a mechanic and it’s better to leave those to the professionals only.

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