How should you choose between a big bike and a car?

Nowadays, almost every family having a vehicle to commute anywhere. In the big cities, there is so much traffic that people use the metro for commuting. If you live in a busy city and want to buy your vehicle then you must buy a two-wheeler instead of a four-wheeler.

Pros of a two-wheeler

Affordability: Two-wheeler is much cheaper than a four-wheeler. Two-wheeler can be afforded by a small or middle-class family. Buying a big bike is also affordable than buying a high-class four-wheeler. Buy Big Bike [รับ ซื้อ บิ๊ก ไบค์, which is the term in Thai]. This is the online booking website sells second-handed bikes at affordable price.

Parking: Two-wheelers do not face much difficulty for parking. It does not need much space compared to a four-wheeler.

Convenience: Nowadays there is so much traffic congestion on roads. Therefore, choosing a two-wheeler would be a good option. As if you find traffic on roads you can easily make your way and save your time.

Cons of a two-wheeler:

Safety: One of the major drawbacks of big bikes or two-wheeler is the safety of an individual. As it does not have doors, airbags, etc for protection. In this case, four-wheelers are much safer then two-wheelers.

Limited seats: You can only have two or one seats in a big bike but in a four-wheeler, much space has given to sit, to put anything. If you are going to a grocery then a car would be a better option because you can put your grocery inside.

Exposure to sun and dirt: Riding a big bike would be much exposure to the sun and dirt as compared to the car because it is not covered.

Do buy a big bike

If it all sounds a bit overwhelming to you, then you can book a big bike. Buy bigbike [รับ ซื้อ big bike, which is the term in Thai] from this trusted website.

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