How to Know When You are Due a Car Service

Your car will need a service every once in a while. A quality car service will help to keep your vehicle ticking along nicely. It will also help to ensure that any problems with your vehicle are spotted as soon as possible. This prevents those little problems from becoming massive problems later on down the line. So, how do you know when your car is due a service? Read on!

How long has it been since your last service?

Generally speaking, you should have a car service carried out at least once every 12-month. Although, if your vehicle has driven over 12,000 miles since your last service, then you will probably want to get it checked sooner.

Warning lights

Cars are fantastic at diagnosing themselves. If strange lights have started to appear on your vehicle’s dashboard, particularly the ‘check engine’ light, then you should be whisking your vehicle to a mechanic for service as soon as possible.

Strange sounds

Has your vehicle started to make sounds that you haven’t heard before? Knocking is a big one here. There may also be a little bit of screeching. This could indicate that something has gone a bit wrong with your vehicle, and that means it is high-time to bring it in for a car service with a top mechanic in Australia.

Your car ‘feels’ wrong

You have driven your car a bit, right? You will probably know if something is a little bit amiss with the driving experience. The car may be riding a little bit lower, for instance. The brakes could be a little bit less-responsive than they were in the past. If anything just ‘fee’s different, and then taking your vehicle in for a service is probably not going to do you any harm. In fact, it could probably save you a little bit of cash in the long term.

Regular stalling

A bit of vehicle stalling on occasion is normal. If it is happening regularly, then this indicates that something is wrong with your vehicle. This means that you need to bring it in for a service. In fact, this is a problem that you will want to get checked out sooner as opposed to later.

Looking for a car service?

Contact us today if you are looking for a car service Yatala. Our team of mechanics would love to give your vehicle a complete service and help you to deal with any issues before they cause major problems.

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