Is A Mobile Mechanic Right For You?

Finding the right mechanic can be tough.
There are a million questions running through your head, can you trust them?
Do they have experience working on your vehicle?
How long until they can get to your vehicle? Where are they located? I
t turns out finding the right mechanic is a bit like dating, you usually have to weed through a few bad ones to find the one. I
n this article we’ll take a look at mobile mechanics and help you understand if one is right for your vehicle’s needs.

What is a Mobile Mechanic?

A mobile mechanic is a mechanic that comes to you.
Their “shop” is their work truck or van, capable of offering almost all the services your vehicle will need, at your location.
Sounds simple right? It is.
Wherever you are, they will come to you.
Your house, place of work, or wherever else you choose to use them, they’ll be there.
The major selling point of a mobile mechanic over a traditional shop is that you don’t have to take your car, truck, boat, RV or whatever vehicle you own to the shop, wait for it to be fixed, and then drive back home.
Mobile mechanics can come to you and work on your vehicle while you’re doing something else.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Mobile Mechanic

Mobile mechanics save time but they may not be right for everyone.
For extremely complex repairs to your vehicle a traditional full service shop may be right. However, for the vast majority of jobs, hiring a mobile mechanic can save you time and money. With less overhead for their business, a mobile mechanic can often charge lower rates than a traditional shop.
When hiring, be sure that you have a secure location where a mobile mechanic can work on your vehicle.
If you don’t, then perhaps they can suggest one, or you may be forced to use a traditional shop.

Mobile Mechanics For All Vehicles

One of the major benefits of most mobile mechanics is that they are versatile.
They’ll come to you and work on your vehicle fixing what is needed with it.
For other vehicles, like an RV or a boat, hiring a specialized mechanic like a mobile marine mechanic can bring you the expertise you need.
Mobile marine mechanics can be an excellent solution for boat owners that live on the water or live far from service centers.
Just like with cars, a specialized mobile mechanic for your vehicle can be a great option and save tons of time.

Finding The Right Mobile Mechanic

Finding the right mechanic, whether they’re mobile or shop based, is always a bit tricky.
You’ll need to talk to them a bit, ask their rates, ask about their experience, what jobs they do and more importantly, what jobs they won’t do. I
t’s a process that can take some time and effort. Be sure to check reviews online and ask for references from past customers.
Yes it will take time but once you find one, the convenience of having an expert mobile mechanic to service your vehicle is unparalleled.

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