Motorcycle Crash Bars: What are they and are they Worth the Investment?

Are Motorcycle Crash Bars Worth It? (Answer and Tested)

A motorbike offers little protection against severe injuries in the case of an accident. Wearing a helmet and riding attire certainly provide some safety, but many dedicated bikers go a step further. 

A crash bar is a piece of safety equipment attached to the motorcycle’s frame. The idea is to have a metal bar that protrudes beyond the motorbike, although the design varies. The bar will prevent the bike from toppling completely and shield the rider from being crushed by the bike if it does fall over. 

The bar is also meant to protect the gasoline tank and engine of the motorcycle, therefore preventing damage to the motorcycle and serving as an essential safety element for the rider.

Crash bars are often constructed from chrome-plated stainless steel and are also known as freeway bars, highway bars, and engine guards. They are affixed to the bike’s bottom frame and typically comprise two sections per side.

Crash bars on motorcycles do not protect riders who are flung from their bikes after a collision, but they may prevent the motorcycle from overturning onto the rider. Some motorcyclists invest in crash bars with a greater concern for safeguarding the motorbike than themselves. The crash bars’ claimed function is to protect the motorcycle’s important and expensive components.

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Read the infographic below from Motorrad Garage to know more about motorcycle crash bars, specifically what they are and if they are worth the investment.

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