Redcat Racing as well as their Best Selling Electric Rc Cars

With regards to the field of RC vehicles there’s nobody available discussion it much better than Redcat racing. Among the leading brands within the RC world they make certain to provide high quality Electric rc cars and substitute parts. If you prefer a great mixture of speed, reliability and handling than you will need to take a look at there fall into line featuring its 50 plus RC vehicles.

Certainly one of their best selling RC trucks may be the Caldera 3. nitro RC truck. A number of its stock features incorporate a 2-Speed sealed transmission, explosive SH.18 3.00cc Nitro engine & slide carburetor. With this particular combination your are certain to blow your competition from the water. It’s not only prepared to run away from the box but there’s also a lot of upgrades available through Redcat racing and aftermarket suppliers. Faster acceleration results in high-octane excitement with this particular 4X4 monster truck outfitted with aluminum alloy chassis, 4 big bore oil filled aluminum capped shocks, polycarbonate party-resistant body, composite disc brakes plus much more. This RC truck is bold and able to undertake anybody away from the box.

A different one of the better RC trucks may be the Volcano S30 that has lately switch the volcano sv. We upgraded the most popular Volcano SV by having an SH brand engine, performance header and aluminum tuned exhaust. This potent RC trucks includes a 3.0cc nitro fueled engine,tuned exhaust with a performance header, and 4 wheel independent suspension. Your body from the Volcano S30 consists of polycarbonate party-resistant material which will make certain this RC truck continues to look great despite a great beating. In addition the composite disc brakes and big soft compound RC off-road tires make certain that you’re secure in almost any terrain you are able to throw in internet marketing.

If you’re prepared to leave your competitors inside a whirlwind of dust than you’ll need to look into the Tornado EPX PRO for Redcat Racing. This specific RC buggy is outfitted having a speed regulator and brushless motor which makes it simple to run and control either off or on the track. It features 4wd, forward/reverse transmission along with a two funnel 2.4GHz radio. To make certain you will find the best handling it comes down outfitted with soft compound knobby off-road tires. To make certain this RC buggy may take a beating your body consists of vivid polycarbonate body armor. The Tornado EPX PRO is capable of doing running at speeds much like nitro vehicles, this buggy is able to go almost away from the box.

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