Some accessories that you can get installed in your car to enhance its functionality

Toyota is the company that manufactures most reliable cars in the world. So, if you have a Toyota then you can feel proud as the life of your car is long with regular servicing and caring. Though the keys of the cars sometimes wear with regular use but this is not the problem either. To get the best options or replacement in keys, you can visit

There are also other accessories available that can make your car more functional. Mentioned below are few of them:

Dash board cam – It will record and store the footage of all the time you drive the car. It will record the sound also. The footage can be put as evidence while claiming the insurance. It will capture the accident live so the blame can easily be proved with it. Nowadays, these cameras give wide and high definition footage that has better clarity. So, the victim and the responsible person can easily be proved. 

If your kid has recently started driving then you must get such a camera installed in the vehicle. The camera will record all the activities that your son or daughter does in the car. This way you can keep eye on them and make sure that they do not misuse the liberty that you have given them.

Electronic throttle control – nearly all people know how the accelerator of the car works. There is no need to explain but what you need to know is how electronic throttle works. This device is connected to the ECM or the Engine Control Module of the car. As the force is applied to the accelerator paddle it sends signal to the ECM and ECM then sends signal to the electronic motor attached to the throttle of the engine which controls the butterfly valve of the engine. It makes sure that the throttle must be opened to the correct position in order to deliver better engine control, electronic stability control, traction control and cruise control to the driver.

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