Stuck at an odd Location with a broken Car or Motorbike?

Traveling is just the best way to explore. It is often said if you are not getting the path in life then by traveling you are exploring options other than you already know. It broadens your horizon. Some like to travel through wet roads while others by public transport. While traveling through road there are chances of you getting stuck due to mechanical issues. 

Stuck at an odd location?

Getting stuck in or outside the city can be tough to handle at all times. But it is nothing to worry because there are companies that help you towing broken car (ลากรถเสีย, which is the term in Thai). Do they ask you as to what of these issues are you facing?

  • Battery Jumpstart
  • Tire Puncture Repair
  • On-Spot Minor Repairs
  • Key Lockout Repair
  • Petrol/ Diesel Delivery

These are the major and most common issues that the companies come across but if there is anything else other than all the listed issues then try calling the towing car 24 hours (รถยก24ชั่วโมง, term in Thai) service. Being stuck is never a problem but who will help you at that hour can be a big question mark. 

A few Tips to help you out of the Current situation is:

  • Call your close respondents.
  • Try reaching the all-night car repair services.
  • Be calm because everything has a solution.

Whether it is emergency car transporter service, accident car crash, sidewalk drowning, drowning vehicle, stuck in gas, exhausted gas and moving motorcycle big bike. They have a solution. 

Available 24 hours:

If your car is broken or you need to move the car with a forklift and slide then feel free to call Jack Forklifts at Bangkok. They believe that a service that can help at all-night hours and odd hours is important for the people. They will do all they can to help you get out of the situation. 


Reasons, why one should speak to Jack Forklifts at Bangkok for all car or motorbike issues, is that they have 100% assured solution to your problem with 24 hours service. They understand you have important work and destination to reach thus giving you fast nationwide service. 

If the amount for getting it all done is an issue then you can be free. They only charge as per the instruments they use and time consumed in fixing the issue thus being friendly price. And they have service centers throughout Bangkok, suburbs, and provinces.

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