What Are You Doing To Stay Busy During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

With the coronavirus pandemic still going strong and disrupting daily life for many throughout the UK, it looks as though it isn’t going to end as soon as originally thought. That means no spring classic car shows, no weekend meet-ups with your car club mates and absolutely no evening drives just for the fun of it.

While completely depressing, it is all for the better, especially if we can stop the spread of the coronavirus and ensure the health and safety of our friends, family and neighbours. Now, with many of us self-isolating or stuck at home due to a stay at home order, it can be difficult to find something to keep us busy. Especially those of us who have a hard enough time sitting still for 5 minutes, let alone 5 weeks (or more).

With that being said, what are you doing to stay busy during the coronavirus pandemic? Are you getting some much needed work done on your classic car? Perhaps you are finding more time to read (about classic cars, what else?). You might even be driving your spouse crazy and, if that’s the case, grab your favourite beer and head out to the garage right away.

Appreciating Our Cars And Each Other Even More

Whatever you are doing to keep busy during the coronavirus pandemic, just remember that, like most other viruses that we have endured, science will eventually create a vaccine and we will all be out taking our vintage cars for long drives, or to the local car shows. And, you know what? We will appreciate those things even more once we have them back again.

Race season and car show season is going to be a bit later this year and that’s okay. We can all take a step back and reprioritise our lives, noticing what’s important and what’s not. Staying safe and healthy is the key to getting through this and if that means washing and polishing our vintage cars until they have a concours shine, then so be it. That’s exactly what the truly passionate car aficionados do anyway, so we have been ready for this.

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