Why 2019 RAM 1500 is better than the 2013 RAM 1500? 

A well-known company Chrysler has announced the new version of RAM 1500 with the implementation of various updates in it. According to several automobile expert’s latest version of RAM 1500 is far better as compared to the older one. Multiple upgrades have helped Chrysler to attract various potential buyers in the automobile market. The price of the new ram 1500 is a little higher than the older one. 

The new RAM truck for sale is expected to hit the automobile market as, according to its price, it contains numerous advanced features that include powerful engines, reliable pickup, etc. Apart from 2013 RAM 1500, the newer version has given better results in fuel economy and stability. There is a lot of reasons present to love the 2019 RAM 1500. You will see a complete redesign of pickup and interiors in the new version. 

2019 RAM 1500 contains several advanced features, such as four sped automatics, aluminum tires, fuel economy engine, unique exterior view, redesigned interiors, high-quality suspension, etc. This much of advance features in one truck can only be seen new ram 1500. Chrysler also offers a reasonable warranty period in late 1500, which includes a five-year warranty for engine and a three-year warranty for the overall truck. 

Here is some fundamental difference between the new version and older version of RAM 1500 

One can easily see numerous differences as the new one is far better than the older one. The updated version of ram 1500 is highly efficient to take heavy loads for long distances. Let’s discuss several other differences. 

Cabin size 

New ram 1500 contains a large size of the cabin as compared to the older one. With this, several advanced features are also introduced: leather seats, driver assistance system, temperature control, cupholders, etc. One can feel the quality materials in new ram 1500 by touching the smooth surfaces of the cabin. 

Performance and powertrains 

Most people make a comparison of the trucks based on capabilities such as mileage, ability to take the load, strong pickups, etc. The 2019 RAM 1500 contains four powertrain systems that include a 3.6L V6 engine connected with the innovative torque hybrid system. An advanced powertrain system is the main difference present between the new version and the older one. 

Classic interior features 

Distinguish between newer and older version can also be made based on interior features as newer one includes various improvements that provide for dual USB ports with charging capabilities. This 5-speaker music system helps in making the journey more exciting. For long drives, the newer version is introduced with an advanced system called driver assistance. This system will help the driver to control the truck and to protect it from various obstacles. 

New RAM truck for sale is getting good reviews from several automobile experts. In comparison with the older one, it is far better. In San Diego, you will quickly find the new ram 1500 trucks on the roads.

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