Why Driving With The Low Fuel Light On Can Empty Your Wallet?

The low fuel light serves to let us know when we need to refill our fuel tank. Of course, it is there to serve a purpose; however, many of us tend to ignore that purpose without any legitimate reason.

What many people DO NOT realise is that not refilling your tank as soon as the light prompts them to do so, results in negative consequences in the future.

The light blinks when only 10%-15% of the total tank’s capacity remains, which means that you should not risk running your car dry and instead have it refilled instantly.

You think you might be saving up on money. Let us assure you that is not the case.

We tell you 5 ways that driving with low light fuel light can end up emptying your wallet, if you want more info about car maintenance tips then please subscribe to the Car News Café blog weekly updates.

1.    You’ll Be Paying for Having Your Car Towed

In case your vehicle runs out of fuel, you will be left stranded on the road if no gas station is close by.

Eventually, you will have to pay for your car to be towed to the nearest gas station, thus emptying your wallet.

2.    You’ll Be Purchasing More Expensive Fuel

If you run out of fuel in a place where there are no nearby gas stations, then you will have to struggle to get some fuel, which may cost more than the regular price. Another way your wallet will be emptied.

3.    You’ll Have to Pay for the Repair of the Fuel Pump

The fuel tank consists of a contraption called a fuel pump. The fuel pump sends the fuel from the tank to the engine. In order to remain lubricated and cool, the fuel pump relies on the gasoline in the tank.

A dry fuel tank means your fuel pump will start overheating, which will lead to its premature failure, leading to an expensive repair.

The fuel pump also has a fuel filter, which can be subject to a blockage due to pileup of dirt pileup and sediments if you drive the car with a low tank. Damage of the fuel filter also sums as an expensive repair.

Overall, the repair cost of the fuel pump and fuel filter are too much to handle and eventually lead to the emptying of your wallet!

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