Air Compressor Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Air compressors could be a very effective and valuable tool, as long as they’re working correctly. Here are a few useful strategies for proper maintenance and troubleshooting a malfunctioning compressor.

First let us begin with some fundamental advice for preserving your compressor well and restricting future problems. The most crucial factor to keep in mind would be to make certain and drain water out of your compressor tank every couple of occasions you utilize it. There’s typically a valve at the base from the tank somewhere that enables for simple quick, easy drainage. This can prevent water from accumulating within the tank, which could cause rust to create and degrade within the tank. Also, if sinking accumulates within the tank there won’t be enough room for air and also the compressor won’t be able to sustain pressure during use.

Another major maintenance task would be to keep your air compressor neat and inside a warm, dry atmosphere. Ensure that is stays clean may prevent dirt from working its distance to any valves or gaskets and causing problems. I would suggest wiping lower dirty areas around the tank every occasionally and ensuring its kept in a protected place. The reason behind ensure that is stays inside a warm, dry place would be to prevent moisture from seeping directly into seams or valves and freezing. In case your compressor isn’t working correctly and also the ambient temperatures are really low, then try getting it inside to warm-up for some time.

An issue which i see bounced around a great deal is if it’s Alright to operate a compressor off an electrical generator. This Isn’t OK. Essentially an electrical generator cannot provide enough power at launch and can damage the motor every time it engages. Advertising media are a compressor off an ordinary electrical system (like within your house) there’s lots of “extra power” you can use with this quick surge. The main reason this surge doesn’t trip the breaker happens because it takes place so quick (meaning thousandths of the second). What’s going to happen by trying to operate the compressor off an electrical generator? Every time the motor engages it’ll put on lower just a little due to the strain from not getting enough power. Because the motor turns off whenever pressure reaches the required threshold and begins if this falls again, it may have a tendency to turn off and on a great deal. Therefore it may be shaving hrs useful off your compressor every time it begins.

Finally, the final significant problem people encounter is really a leak. Leaks within the tank itself will have to be welded, but leaks caused by a faulty valve can easily get replaced with a brand new valve. Try that old soap and water approach to identify when the leak is from the tank, because this must be eliminated first prior to going buying additional valves or hoses. Any major home improvement store, like Lowe’s can help you in purchasing the best part.

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