The Bfgoodrich tire company still remains one of the most reliable and quality automobile tires in the globe.

Bought by French company Michellin in 1988, BFGoodrich later became a staple name, making them one of the world leading brands in ideas and innovations in the tire making.

With their knack for unique design, BFGoodrich made a reputation of been first ever tire to be tested with crossing the USA on road which was a massive success.  They are also known for producing the first tubeless tires during that era. Today, the BFGoodrich products are one of the most famous tire brand in the world.

BFGoodrich tires are designed with powerful rubber treading that have the required grit and superb quality. This makes them an identity for unique designs. They also possesses a rugged look with lettering on the side-walls. 

These tyres are built to give every road user total comfort. They also possess the ability and quality to withstand the extremities of off-road tracks such as rocky terrains, muddy tracks and mountains. 

BFGoodrich tires are also available in various sizes and unique properties to fit virtually, every situation. They are available in larger vehicles to make up for grit, power and endurance. The brand is also renowned for their innovation  in creating not only comfort and smoothness for pedestrian roads, but also for heavy duty and construction purposes such as utility vehicles trucks and aircrafts. 

BFGoodrich tires are also capable of enduring harsher road conditions including extreme snowy conditions. The company also has a history in the racing world having won so many victories in racing competitions over the years.


Visiting the official website, Dubai Tyre Shop company has all the lists of cheap and affordable BFGoodrich premium tire brands at stores near you. The lists are long enough for you to choose the best tire that suits your needs and driving pleasures. No wonder they are one of the most used tyres in the UAE. 


From SUVs to luxurious cars, BFGoodrich tyres are perfect for numerous car models across the world such as Toyota, Honda, Porsche , Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, and Peugeot vehicles. 

Below is a detailed description of measurements, year of manufacture and vehicle type.

The width, height and rim size, has been carefully paid some attention to and it is quite evident given the milestones attained.

BFGoodrich tires pays a lot of attention to durability, speed, and load carrying, which paves way for checking out the sizes that matches equally with your vehicle. This certainly helps in bringing about the comfort and satisfaction you will need for an unforgettable driving experience. Dubai Tire Shop also provide free tire fittings backed by reliable refund policies.

Below is the help centre numbers to contact if you wish to make an enquiry. +971 5562 69517 or +971 54420 4322 or visit the official website in inquiring on any other information in replacement for your tires Dubai today.

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