Cycling And Social Distancing

Although the coronavirus outbreak has caused the cancellation and postponement of many major UK cycling events, it doesn’t mean that we should stop biking. The most common question is whether we could ride a bike during the current pandemic. If we bike alone, it should be completely safe. When biking, we don’t congregate with very many people. Even if it’s colder outside, there’s no evidence that the cold weather has direct impact on causing sickness. As long as you don’t inhale dangerous microorganisms, the risk of sickness is actually non-existent. But, as the summer is arriving, it should be more comfortable to bike. Thirty minutes of moderate physical activity each day could boost your immune system, keeping most viruses at bay. Plus, it has been advised that we continue exercising during this pandemic, so why not throw your leg over your bike and go for a ride?

Keep Yourself Protected

Bicycling could keep you physically separated from the crowd. However, it is important to keep yourself protected. Wearing cloth coverings on your face during bicycling is still important. When biking, you may need to stop occasionally and encounter a few people. Occasional close proximity with a few people could be unavoidable during your biking trip, despite your best efforts. When choosing a cloth face mask, make sure that it consists of at least three layers of cloth. If the face mask is damp from sweat or spit, you need to wash it immediately. The purpose of wearing a face mask isn’t only to avoid getting infected, but also protect others, because many people don’t show noticeable symptoms after being infected by COVID-19.

Don’t Ride In Groups

You should remember that riding in groups defeats the purpose of biking to maintain physical distancing with other people. If there are other cyclists, you should always keep yourself farther apart. If the cyclist in front of you seems to cough occasionally, it is a good idea to stop for a moment to keep a respectable distance. If you meet a few friends, keep a safe distance because asymptomatic riders could easily spread virus. It is possible that COVID-19 spreads via regular conversation. Very small droplets could be released when people talk and if you are standing downwind, you could get infected.

Wear Cycling Gloves

When biking, you should also consider the risk of virus transmission from surfaces. Depending on the location, the coronavirus could remain dormant on surfaces for a couple of hours to a few days. You should avoid touching any surface or object when it’s not necessary. It would be safer to wear gloves when biking and never touch your face. At home, you should wash your gloves immediately, because they could be contaminated without your knowledge. High-risk surfaces include door handles, elevator buttons and stair railings.

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