Details You Need to Verify Before Buying a Second-Hand Ford in Athens

The second-hand car market is very attractive, especially for people operating on a small budget. In most cases, the car chooses the buyer, not the other way around. So, the challenge for hopeful car owners is to select a car that fulfills the basic needs and requirements. Instead of getting swayed easily, convincing yourself to spend extra on features – look at the long-term budgetary requirements. For instance, having a car that’s in excellent running condition is a much better value-for-money option than buying a car with advanced cooling or transmission features. From the wheels to the engine – have every aspect of the car assessed by a reliable mechanic.

Testing and Documents

The main goal of the assessment process is to make sure the seller’s claims are justified. Also, you need to know if there are unavoidable maintenance issues and long-term costs with the car. Hence, always buy a Ford in Athens from sellers with good track records. Impeccable registration documents are clear indications of a seller’s quality. Ask the seller to provide documents concerning the car’s ‘Owner Serial Number,’ the number of re-sales the car has gone through, existing dues (e.g., road tax), the original invoice of the car, NOCs from any loan providers, and other important documents related to the car.

Dealing with Insurance Details

Insurance is the last thing car lovers want to discuss during the purchase. But, this boring detail can come extremely handy during price negotiations. Use online portals to check if there are any ‘no-claim bonuses’ on the car in the past couple of years. If there are too many claims, it’s an indication that the car is prone to accidents or repair requirements. Make sure to transfer the second-hand dealer’s car insurance policy to your name. If that process seems too complicated, get a new car insurance policy as quickly as possible.

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