How to Choose Between a Certified Pre-Owned and Used Model of your Favorite Mazda Model?

If you are planning to drive home your dream car which is beyond your affordability, the best way to fulfill your wishes is going for a used version of the same. In that, there will be two types of used car models to choose from. One is the regular and ordinary used car, which you can buy even from an individual seller, or from a dealership, and the other is the certified pre-owned ones. The latter category of used car will come with certain conditions that you need to know beforehand, so that you can make the right decision at your earliest.

To make things easier for you we have gathered some basic information and insightful tips from a sales expert of a dealership who often put up the board saying used cars for sale Las Vegas. It is from them, that we learned to prioritize our requirements which are required for any big decision, like car buying.

According to what we learned from the above-mentioned source, the certified pre-owned cars are nothing but a special category of used cars that fulfill certain criteria to get the certification of pre-owned cars from an authorized dealership.

Newer Editions

One of the most important criteria to get the certification of ‘pre-owned’ for any used car is that, it must not be an older edition of a model beyond five years. The more recent the manufacturing date is, the more will be the chances for the car to get certified as a pre-owned one.

Passing the 150-Point Test

If a used vehicle can pass through the 150 point test conducted by the dealership experts, who will also be senior level automobile engineers, it will be eligible for being certified as a pre-owned vehicle, and can claim good sale price, which cannot be negotiated any further.

The Warranty Issue

Another boon for certified pre-owned vehicle owners is that, they can enjoy a regular period of “bumper-to-bumper” coverage warranty from the manufacturer itself, which will be useful for a long run. On the contrary, a used car that does not pass through the 150 point test will not be covering any warranty.

Financing Options

Going for a regular used car cannot guarantee you any financing options, while the certified pre-owned cars will. This is yet another reason, why people are turning more frequently to the latter category of cars, since it becomes easier for the buyers to drive their dream car home without the necessity to invest in a lumpsum amount all at once. At the same dealership where we often see promotional ads like used cars for sale Las Vegas, we got to realize that, to choose between two good options like a used car available at a lower and negotiable price, and a certified pre-owned at a higher and non-negotiable price, one must weigh what is most important for him or her, much before the car purchase. If the peace of mind is all you want to have, you must go for the certified ones, while getting a dream car at your dream price can also be a nice decision, provided you check out all the necessary aspects before you sign for the deal.

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