Important Factors For Security Decals for Vehicles

Security decals for vehicles can be an exciting and rewarding process. Vehicle wraps are an excellent way to give your car more character, but there is always the question of what you want as a design. 

Vehicle paint can be customized with any color or finish that suits you. However, for police cars, guidelines may restrict their range because security agencies need specific graphics in place before they accept a vehicle onto officers’ squad cars. 

Other considerations include creating an authoritative presence on street corners by using reflective material strategically throughout your body and making aesthetically pleasing designs since this affects buyers.

In this article, we will explore the different types of graphics used in security and their applications. We’ll also provide you with enough information for starting your research into options that are right for your department.

Decal is Your Car

With custom designs and vinyl decals, you can make your logo stand out more than ever before. The adhesive of these stickers will stick firmly on almost any smooth surface, making them perfect for vehicles or other hard-to-use areas such as windows that need an attention grabber.

Decals are designed with high-adhesive vinyl and contain UV inks, so they will stay on your vehicle indefinitely without ever having anything else applied over them.

Custom decals are an easy, affordable way to make your car look great. They can be applied both on the exterior of vehicles for decoration or interiors.

The decal is made of high-quality vinyl and can be easily removed. If you want to change anything about your announcement, just replace the sticker with another one or remove it permanently.

Everything You Need To Know About Security Decals

Vehicle wraps are becoming more popular as car owners turn to custom graphics for their vehicles. Several new shops opened with the promise of offering personalized vehicle decoration services to take advantage of this growing trend.

With the growing presence of digital marketing, many businesses are beginning to shift their focus from traditional print media. Car wraps have been one such example where designers can now use an array of tools that were never accessible before.

Here are some things that you need to know all about car decals:


  1. Full Wrap

The name is very self-explanatory. A full wrap covers the entire vehicle. Changing its color and appearance completely. In most cases, this can be done using any solid color or pattern that you want since they are reversible! Not only does a “color change” treatment cost less than painting your car would take, but it also protects surfaces from minor scratches with a UV protection film on both sides.

Full wraps are perfect for those who want to change their entire exterior color or design of the car. They are also more affordable than partial wraps, but you can go back if you ever change your mind.

  1. Die-Cut Vinyl

Die-cut vinyl wrap is a great way to add design flair and branding to your department’s fleet. This affordable option allows you the opportunity of creating awareness while driving around with their business name, logo, or website on it. 

The high amount of impressions that will be received from simply applying this strategy alone makes them worth every penny spent in investment costs.

  1. Partial Vinyl

If you want to make your car look like it has an extra bit of personality, or if full wraps are too much for what you need- partial wrap services may be perfect. This type of design only covers certain parts of the vehicle and does not change its overall appearance.

When you’re using your wrapped vehicle for promotional purposes, a partial wrap might be just as effective. Particularly if the car itself is remarkable in some way. 

Anything that attracts attention will serve the exact same purpose in the end. Partial wraps are commonly used to cover the hood/roof area or trunk and doors.

  1. Carbon Fiber

If you are looking for something that won’t fade or crack over time, then carbon fiber is an excellent option. It has all the same features as vinyl but also offers more protection against damage, especially if your vehicle hits something hard.

There is a lot of hype surrounding carbon fiber wraps, but they are said to be more tricky than regular paint. You should never attempt this without professional help because it can take hours for one little section, which might not even cover your entire vehicle.

  1. Chrome Wraps

Chrome wraps are perfect for people who want to make their car look like it costs a lot more than what they do. The weight and difficulty associated with applying this type of wrap mean that only professionals should apply this wrap in your vehicle.

Why choose between a stylish wrap and an expensive paint job when you can have both? Chrome fabrics are not only reflective, but they also help keep your car cool in the summer. This factor alone makes chrome wraps worthy of how much they cost.


  1. Design

Creating a business card should be easy, but there are some things that you need to take into account before designing your own. 

The first thing about the template is getting access for yourself and making sure it will work on any car surface without looking distorted or sliced up by scissors marks from an inexperienced designer who doesn’t know what they’re doing with templates. 

Only intended as guides for designers to come close enough so people can see how their logo looks projected onto another object – vehicles are no different.

When designing a car wrap, every angle and curve must be considered. If you ignore these elements, it will result in an unattractive design that is difficult on the eyes and reads shapes from far away, which also harms your department image.

  1. Materials

With so many vinyl manufacturers out there, it is hard to know which ones are worth your time and money. The best brands have been around for years. They create high-quality products that will last you longer than anything else on the market today (and they don’t skimp).

It’s essential to be aware that not all vinyl is created equal. 3M and other manufacturers offer various materials. 

From high-quality, expensive casted chemicals for cars or boats with special needs (like water resistance) down to low-cost calendar prints, which may not have quite enough durability for most projects.

The durability of a vehicle’s surface is vital to consider when you are looking for that perfect finish. Many shops will use vinyl and overlaminate, but there can be some drawbacks depending on what type it is.

A professional vehicle wrap should have suitable materials to ensure its longevity. A calendered laminate is not designed for use on vehicles with curves and will bubble or pop out within a few months- we must choose our products wisely!

  1. Production

Vinyl wrap designs are a great way to show off your department’s identity. To create the perfect design, you need an experienced team who knows how wide-format digital printers work and what it takes for this type of production process.

When printing with vinyl, it is essential to pay attention and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how much ink or other materials should be applied per square foot. 

Without following these guidelines properly, your image may come out dull, too light in color (oversaturated), or even darker than expected, which would result from applying more liquid than was recommended during production time.

  1. Preparation

Preparing your car for a wrap is time-consuming, but it’s worth the effort. The installer has to go over every inch of its surface and under all weather trims to make sure there isn’t any residue or wax left on them from previous treatments that could damage their finish during the installation process.

A day-before wash is crucial to the life of your car’s vinyl. The cleanliness will be tested with an alcohol wipe to remove any residue from last week’s drive.

It’s a Wrap!

Vehicle wraps can be an interesting and creative way to outstand your department. You may have thought that all vehicle wrap companies were the same, but it is not as simple as you think.

If you now find yourself wondering: “Where to find a reliable company for security vehicle graphics?” then you are in the right place. Graphic Designs International  focuses on security vehicle graphics and is a trusted company in Florida. Contact them today and make your fleet vision a reality.

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