Important Things to Know About Commercial Truck Tires

A tire is a crucial part of any vehicle because it connects trucks and trailers to the road. The tire also allows the driver to drive and steer safely. The tire is an essential part, so the driver should know everything about commercial truck tires like what size are semi-truck tires. When we talk about the commercial truck, then size and specification are essential.

To avoid unnecessary maintenance costs, you should choose the best drive tires for semi-trucks. However, there are several things that differentiate commercial truck tires from the other one. Here you will know some important points of commercial tires.

Know about commercial truck tire specifications

Tire types: the first letter of the tire type series can either be LT or P. The LT indicates tire specified, appearing at last for light the best semi truck tires and C indicate tire specified for commercial use.

Construction: The construction of tire show through either a B, R, and D. The capital letter has different meaning R means radial construction, B indicates belted construction tire, and D shows bias-ply construction.

Cross sectional width: the three digits of semi truck steering tire indicate the cross sectional width. The width of the tire measures from the inner sidewall to the outside side wall from the widest point.

Size and diameter: The next two numbers show the wheel and tire width and diameter in inches.

The driver should know more details about the best drive tires for semi-truck like speed rating, load index, uniform tire quality, identification number, and DOT symbol.

Selecting the right commercial truck tires

Drivers need to consider many things for selecting the right semi truck steering tires. First, drivers need to ensure that the tire can bear the weight of vehicles. You make sure they are capable of accessing the distance of the venue and speed data correctly with the help of the computer or vehicle.

You should select a tire with the right diameter because the diameter affects fuel consumption. You can ask from the provider what sizes semi truck tires are available.

The other thing that you should consider is the optimal diameter size. You can check this size from the manual of the manufacturer. However, the tire’s diameter is within ¾ inch size, so it is a good match for your truck.

In this article, you have read about the commercial truck and also know what you should consider while selecting the best semi truck tires.

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