Main areas of car tuning

What is the tuning?

In relation to cars, tuning can be called everything that happens to the car after it has left the Assembly line. Most people are quite happy with what manufacturers offer. However, there are also those who want to change something.

A person tries to adapt the car to its features and needs as much as possible, to give the car an identity, to improve its technical characteristics, to modify something, to alter or change something. All sorts of changes in the car can be divided into several main areas.

Technical tuning

Sports suspension, body strengthening elements (stiffening beams, safety frames), low-profile rubber, sports brake system, sports clutch, exhaust system, zero-drag air filter, engine boost, turbine installation, etc.This list can go on and on. One of the best way to upgrade your engine is to watch some aem cold air intake review and install it into your car’s engine, after watching review you will know how to do it right.

All of the above is only the basis for the implementation of the idea. The main goal of tuning is to meet the individual needs of the person driving the car, and in this very much, if not everything, depends only on himself, on his needs, imagination and aspirations.

This is the light you saw in the movie “fast and furious” and we recommend it for Your car. It differs from its Chinese “counterparts” as the sky from the earth! All components of the kits pass strict quality control and have a lifetime warranty! manufacturer’s warranty.

This kit consists of 4 neon lamps with built-in transformers, Packed in a shock-resistant Lexan case: under the front bumper (75 cm), under the rear bumper (75 cm) and under the thresholds (120 cm). The kit includes all wiring, a switch, a fuse and a complete set of fasteners necessary for installation.

This series is not limited to installation only under the bottom of the car. Engine compartment, SUV interior – absolutely any places where long configurations of neon lamps are required. In a bright and beautiful package, it can be a wonderful gift for all enthusiasts of tuning their car.

Internal tuning

Interior, decorative trim (metal, wood, carbon), interior upholstery changes, steering wheel, anatomical seats, multi-point seat belts, gearbox handle, pedal pads, aluminum mats, neon lights, additional devices. Special attention should be paid to automusic. Here are just incredible opportunities for tuning.

External tuning

Wheels, aerodynamic kits (spoilers, wing covers, door sills, arches, bumpers, air intakes), decorative radiator grilles, tuning optics, mirrors, airbrushing, etc.

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