The Advantages Offered by Forward Fold Camper Trailers

We all love spending time in the great outdoors. With the fresh air, beautiful landscape and total freedom, it couldn’t possibly get any better, right? Well, yes is the answer! Take it to the next level by investing in a little home away from home – also known as a camper trailer! A camper is going to elevate your camping trips in every way possible. Whether you’re new to the camping game or you’re a total pro, you’re going to majorly enjoy the benefits and comforts that a camper can offer you. Once you start your search, you’ll find that there are a couple of options out there. A forward folding model is an amazing option for everyone, here’s why…

Simple, fast set up

Forward fold campers are incredibly quick and easy to set up once you reach the campground. They simply unfold forward, from a rear located hinge. A quick zip here and there, and you’re good to go! Absolutely everyone who’s done any camping knows the pain of setting up, fumbling with poles and racing against the sun is never any fun. This speed and ease with which you can set up with a forward folding trailer are pretty staggering the first time you do it! This also goes for packing up at the end of your trip, the speed really helps when all you want to do is hit the road and head home.


Forward folds are unexpectedly lightweight to tow and travel with. Hauling along a caravan or RV can become very expensive and really slow you down, but with a forward fold, you get all the convenience and comfort of a mobile home without the pains. Enjoy a light, smooth drive that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg by investing in a forward folding trailer!


Camping is a wonderful, budget-friendly experience that everyone can get out and enjoy – but a camper trailer can often be quite the investment, one that perhaps a lot of us can’t fork out for. A huge benefit of forward folding campers is that they’re very cost-effective and accessible to a range of different budgets. When you pair this with its efficient consumption of fuel, forward folds make quite the case as a wise and savvy investment. Of course, it’s still going to be a significant expense, so be sure to hunt down a model within your means or check out your options for second-hand camper trailers!


The comfort that camper trailers offer is mind-blowing after you’ve copped a couple of less than cosy nights on the tent floor! You’ll be enjoying a bed, facilities to make you feel more human and chill out space, as well as benefitting from a little storage and protection from the variable and somewhat wild Australian elements. Whichever kind of camper trailer you choose, comfort is always going to be a big old plus!


Due to the fact that forward fold trailers are so light to tow and easy to manoeuvre, you’re really enjoying your freedom whilst you travel with it. Hey, we don’t always get it right with our choice of campsites – with a forward folding camper by your side, you can easily pack up, hit the road and find somewhere better. The Frontier from Cub also gives you the ability to drive off-road, so you can take the road less travelled, if that’s your thing!

With so many benefits, it’s high time you got your hands on your very own forward folding camper trailer! Get searching for the right fit for your lifestyle. 

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