The fascinating world of motorcycle parts

When you’re a mechanic working every day repairing motorcycles you might be used to seeing spare parts come and go. But if you’re a motorcycle enthusiast who has started to learn how to repair your own bike, the world of motorcycle parts can capture you like a child is captured by candy. Repairing your own motorcycle not only fills you with satisfaction but also allows you to understand every piece of your iron horse in detail. While it’s exciting to arrive at a parts store looking for your first motorcycle parts, it can also be frustrating if you haven’t prepared yourself properly for what’s to come. The key is to understand that there is always something new to learn and this will be no exception.

How did we go from fascinating to frustrating?

When you are a self-taught mechanic you know that there is a lot to learn, read, try, consult, and a long list of verbs that even though they imply extra effort, they are nothing compared to the satisfaction of having repaired your motorcycle by yourself. When the time comes to buy motorcycle parts you must understand how the market works. The first thing is to know the name of the spare part you want to buy. The good news is that motorcycle parts are identified with a unique part number by motorcycle brand. When you have detected the part that is failing on your motorcycle, look carefully for the part number that should be printed or engraved somewhere. If for some reason it is not there, you can always choose to take a picture of it with your cell phone. Both the part number and the picture will allow the seller to know exactly what part you are looking for.

Don’t get a pig in a poke

You know the part that is failing on your bike, you know its name, you have the part number and the picture on your cell phone. You will go to the motorcycle parts dealer and they will give you what you are looking for but don’t forget to check that the part they are selling you is the right one. And when I talk about the right one, I don’t just mean the exact part number, but also that it is from a recognized brand, of quality and above all that it offers a guarantee. Remember that there are original motorcycle parts and aftermarket parts so you will notice differences in the material used to manufacture them, the prices and above all the quality. Never buy anything without first verifying that it is exactly what you are looking for.

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