Things To Consider Before Getting A Ceramic Coating

The ceramic coating on cars is a great way to strengthen and make a car look new without having to put in too much work or money. This can be achieved by applying several coats of custom paint on your car, although it will cost you a lot. There are several steps involved, and although it is not that hard to do the process, here are some things you should take note of before getting a ceramic coating.

Features Of A Good Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a nano-technology that creates an ultra-hard layer of protection, making it more durable than conventional paint. This self-cleaning technology creates a self-healing barrier of protection that makes it easier for the paint to last longer and maintain its appearance, so you can spend more time enjoying your vehicle.

Most Ceramic Coatings Are Permanent

The ability of a ceramic coating to be permanent depends on the quality of the product and how it was applied. Most ceramic coatings, when applied correctly, can last up to 9 years and will not fade in the sun or wash away from normal wear and tear or exposure. However, all ceramic coatings are not permanent; Many have a 7-year warranty and can be reapplied if it wears off.

Some Ceramic Coating Products Require Multiple Coats

A ceramic coating can be applied in a single step for a simple, easy-to-install upgrade. However, some ceramic coatings require multiple coats to meet their manufacturer’s warranty. If you get only one coat, your car may fade or peel over time. Ideally, the coating should be applied by professionals at an authorized installer so that they can provide you with the best possible results.

Ceramic Coatings May Change The Color Of Your Vehicle

If you have a colored vehicle and are considering getting a ceramic coating you will want to take a closer look at what it might do to the color of your car, or decals. Certain brands and types of coatings will cause a slight change in the color of your car by adding layers over the existing paint. Fortunately, most of these are subtle or can be covered up with paint if desired without issue.

Do I Need To Wax My Car Once I Have A Ceramic Coating

The benefit of a ceramic coating is that you do not have to wax your car often. Ceramic coating lasts many years and helps protect the car from being damaged. Waxing will reduce this protection over time, but it’s not necessary unless there are visible swirl marks or other damage to the paint.


Ceramic coatings can be incredibly useful if used properly, but it’s important to weigh the options before getting one. You’ll have to consider how the coating will function in different environments and how it might affect your car or truck. At the end of the day, a ceramic coating can make your paint job much more durable and easier to maintain.

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