Understanding Unintended Acceleration and What to Do

If you haven’t heard about unintended acceleration, then you should know about, especially if you are the owner of a luxury car like Tesla. It is a situation where your car gets accelerated without you pushing the accelerator. This is very common in luxury cars that have sensitive systems. Many people have claimed Tesla unintended acceleration and also for other luxury cars. There is also a law that protects the claimant for unintended acceleration. If you do not know much about it, then here is what you need to know.

What can Cause this Unintended Acceleration

One of the main causes of unintended acceleration is an obstruction in the gas pedal. When this happens, the driver loses control of the car and hence, it leads to the car moving on its own causing accidents. It may also happen that some object has been left under the gas pedal or accelerator. 

This obstructs the accelerator to work properly and hence, the car accelerates on its own. Some unintended acceleration can also be caused due to the mistake of the driver who pushes the accelerator instead of the brakes. In the first two cases, it is possible to consult a lemon law attorney. However, claiming an unintended acceleration is not possible in the last scene as the fault is of the driver. 

Other Scenarios of Hiring Lemon Law Lawyer

In some cases, cars like Tesla can come with manufacturing defects. These defects can be detected at the purchase of purchase. They can only be determined when the owner of the car starts using the car. 

These defects can be pointed out to the manufacturer or seller and replace the car. However, in the case of a request or claim not being attended to, you can legally claim for your rights or replacement. This is where the lemon law Tesla comes in place. 

Under this law, the owner can file a case against the seller or manufacturer if he or she has been denied the claim. You can also approach the attorney if your car is not getting repaired even after taking it to the garage multiple times. Safety is the main priority and hence, if you feel that your car has safety issues that have been ignored by the manufacturer, then you can approach the lawyer.

Choose an Expert in Lemon Law

Every case is different and hence, if you are looking at a lemon law, then you have to hire a professional lawyer who is an expert in the law. Do not hire an attorney who does not have any experience in the field as the law varies from case to case and every attorney is specialized in certain areas.

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