What is a hybrid forged wheel? 

The idea of a Hybrid Forged Wheel Series is the next step of the evolution of the advancing of the traditional casting process of wheels. The Hybrid method not only allows people to a flow forming system that cuts down on the weight of the wheels without decreasing the strength of the wheels. The flow forming is also capable of getting a much greater range for wheel width and designs, which means Hybrid Forged Wheels are highly customizable. 

Vossen’s Hybrid Forged Series

When it comes to the Hybrid Forged series of wheels made by Vossen, you are looking at a world of highly customizable wheels and style. The HF-7 wheel in this series is one that was inspired by its forged counterpart, the EVO-5R. This wheel is loaded with pocketed spokes and a very aggressive split-spoke design that makes the wheels not only look sharp but are sturdy and strong, too. The HF-7, as well as other members of the Hybrid, Forged Series, is available in two different standard finish options, but also has four different customizable finishes if you are looking to spend a little bit more to stand out even further from the crowd. 

What is the flow-forming process that makes Hybrid Forged wheels? 

The Vossen Hybrid Forged series of tires follow their in-house flow forming process. While the outcome is beautiful and powerful, the process is rather simple. 

Step 1: The cast of the wheel is mounted to the flow-forming drum which allows it to be heated appropriately. 

Step 2: After heat is applied, the hydraulic rollers begin to stretch the wheel via pressure being applied to the barrel. 

Step 3: Now, the material of the wheel is being stretched out and compressed in order to achieve the perfect width for the specific wheel design. 

Step 4: The barrel material being stretched helps the wheel’s grain structure improve. This makes the aluminum a lot stronger and lighter – similar to the forged wheel.

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