Why You Should Regularly Replace the Car Cabin Air Filter?

It is a known fact for most of the car user that a vehicle engine contains an air filter. But not many of them might be aware that even the heating ventilation as well as the air conditioning system of a vehicle most commonly known as the HVAC consists of an air filter too.

This is an air filter that is also referred by most of the car mechanics as the cabin air filter. The cabin air filter performs nevertheless the same set of functionalities  like that of the engine air filter, which is inhaling the fresh air while filtering out its dust particles, and keep the cabin atmosphere clean and healthy, explained a technician when we visited the center for Bridgman cabin filter replacement.

There we were shown by the team of technicians a small pleated filter placed inside the cabin air conditioner. It was made of multi-fiber paper cotton. There we also got to know that this cabin air filter can also be made of other engineered material, which can strain out the unwanted atmospheric elements. The major function of the cabin air filter is to trap all the possible contaminants that can creep inside with the air. The cabin air filter prevents these elements from entering the interior cabin and pollute the inside atmosphere, especially when the air condition system of the vehicle is turned on.

How it Works

It is simple science that a vehicle cabin needs to breathe in fresh and clean air to keep the atmosphere fresh and healthy. The cabin air filter comes handy, when you roll up the cabin window glass and turn on the air conditioner. Since the room is now closed and sealed, it is the cabin air filter that help keep the inside atmosphere stay free from dust, dirt, bacteria and pollens through the HVAC system and pollute the cabin. But when the cabin air filter soils down, it becomes ineffective. In such situation, the closed cabin of the car might feel stuffy, stinking, and filled with allergic pollens, causing health problems to those who are susceptible to dust and pollen attacks. A clogged up cabin air filter also blocks the way of air intake because of which the cabin occupants might feel breathlessness and uncomfortable, after riding the car even for a short while.

So, it goes without saying that whenever you feel discomfort inside the car cabin, while using the air conditioner, know that it is high time to replace the cabin air filter.

Ideal Intervals Between Replacing the Cabin Air Filter

If you listen to the professionals who perform cabin filter replacement near Bridgman you will know that the most ideal time to replace the cabin air filter whenever the car travels more than 12,000 miles. In other cases, the best way to keep your car cabin fresh and free from dust or pollutants is to replace it once in a year. The best way to know the perfect interval between two replacements of cabin air filter is to follow the instructions mentioned in your owner’s manual, suggest every professional who works with the car body.

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